Monday, December 10, 2012

About Business and Music

English IV
Luis Nogales
Beethoven Businessman
Beethoven was a great businessman because he was the first musician who created a way to sell music. Before him music could only be heard in concerts.
This talk had an impact on me because music is my passion and my favorite bands have strong feelings about making money out of their music. But when I saw this talk I was shocked because I had never thought that music could be created with a financial purpose.
My second point is that Beethoven was an amazing person, but I had never seen him as something else and the fact that he was also a businessman makes me feel better because something I was afraid of was to get apart from music, my passion because of my major, economics.
The last reason is that this talk about Beethoven was my first TED talk ever. I had never seen any TED talks before that one. It was great to find a website where people express their ideas.

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