Monday, December 10, 2012

About Education

English IV
Darwin Nissttahuz
I believe that the talk that has had more impact on me was the one about the importance of creativity at schools. The speaker of that presentation explained that some current teachers have a square mind because they teach with the idea that they know everything and students know nothing. When teachers behave this way students don´t have the opportunity to relate to their teachers and enjoy the learning process.
Education is passive in many schools because teachers just write all they know on the board while students feel forced to copy all that information. It is difficult to see this reality because all schools educate people following the same kind of thought.
The speaker also explained that when we use creativity and motivate students, we contribute to their imagination and we can help students find new skills.
In conclusion, school teachers have to motivate students to be more creative because it´s important to get a good education.

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