Monday, December 10, 2012

About Failing

English IV
Mauricio Andia
Larry Smith is an economist and he talked about this topic in Canada. This talk had a great impact on me. I really enjoyed it and I even showed it to my parents because this is a very controversial topic among my family.
He said that we have to find our passion if we want to be successful. If we don´t do that, we´ll get tired of our lives. In fact, our life won´t make any sense if we don´t find our true passion.
He also said that if we want to be successful and have a great job, we don´t have to work harder and harder in a boring job just because dad and mom told us to do so. Unfortunately, this doesn´t happen in real life.
In addition, he said that even if we discover our passion, we might fail because we are human beings and we are young. Larry said that our passion has to become part of life. It should be something like marriage, so it should be the biggest thing in our life. This is why it´s so difficult to find our true passion. In fact, most people will never find it.
This speech had a lot of impact on me because I´m about to graduate and I´m a little scared of the future, so this topic was very inspiring to me. I don´t want to fail in my life. Nobody does.
I also loved the way Larry Smith ended his speech. He said, “You won´t be successful and happy, at least…at least…” It is on us to complete his sentence. We have the answer.

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