Monday, December 10, 2012

About Music

English IV
Claudia Jove
One topic that I liked was the one about a man who talked about music. This topic was interesting because this man showed me how I can create music with some things that I have in my house, for example pencils or brushes. If you use your imagination you can create melodies that sound great.
I was also interested in this topic because I love music! And I listen to music because it relaxes me. When I have free time, I like to create music with some pencils. I sometimes like playing my brother´s guitar. I honestly don´t know how to play this musical instrument, but I like to listen to some melodies I create. On my next vacation I will take some music lessons, so I can learn how to play the guitar.
When I was a child I was member of a music band “Pink.” We chose this name because my friends and I adored this color. As any other children, we played together and one of our favorite games was to play music. We used to sing songs from TV shows. We thought we will become the next music stars. I miss those times!
In conclusion, I think that all TED talks were interesting and in some cases I was able to learn a lot because TED speakers are people just like us and they try to make us understand that we can do amazing things. It´s on us to do that!

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