Monday, December 10, 2012

About Design

Adriana Monasterios
English IV
The TED talk that has had more impact on me was the one about a designer. This designer inspired me a lot because he is a very different person. He can´t see colors, so he only sees things in black and white and even though he can´t see colors, he is able to design. He can do it so much better now because he has a device that is connected to his brain. I don´t really know how it works, but it´s kind of a camera. This presentation has had an impact on me because I think that we shouldn´t give up. He is a great example of this. We should fight for what we love, no matter what. Also, he shocked me because he made fun of himself saying that the clothes he was wearing were colorful even though he couldn´t see them. So, I think that we all should laugh at ourselves sometimes. And the last reason I enjoyed this talk was the fact that he is a famous designer. He inspired me to do my best to become a successful graphic designer. To conclude, I think that we should be happy with whom we are just like he does.

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